Pieces of my 2013 JSM puzzle

This is what happens when you google “statistics conference”

While I can’t guarantee Montreal’s Joint Statistical Meetings will look anything like the above, I’m hoping at the least we can get those fancy blue bags.

At any rate, there are several talks that I want to attend at nearly every time block. Will I be able to be in two places at once? Here’s my current online program (which seems to be growing each day!)

8/4/2013 CC-511c 2:00 PM 2 – Biometrics Showcase Session
8/4/2013 CC-516d 2:00 PM 20 – Attrition in Mental Health Studies
8/4/2013 CC-512h 4:00 PM 76 – Hypothesis Testing and Biomarker Evaluation
8/4/2013 CC-525a 4:00 PM 73 – New Statistical Methodologies for Sampling and Inference with Big Data
8/4/2013 CC-517cd 8:30 PM 92 – Complex Data Analysis and High-Dimensional Computing: Methods and Applications
8/4/2013 CC-517cd 8:30 PM JSM Opening Mixer
8/5/2013 CC-510d 8:30 AM 113 – Design and Methods for Comparative Effectiveness Research in Mental Health
8/5/2013 CC-511c 8:30 AM 103 – Dynamic Treatment Regimes and Adaptive Designs Toward Personalized Health Care
8/5/2013 CC-519a 8:30 AM 107 – From Real Time to Long Term: Applications of Big Data in Sports
8/5/2013 CC-510b 8:30 AM 114 – Model Selection and Uncertainty in Causal Effect Estimation
8/5/2013 CC-516e 10:30 AM 158 – Help, I’m Supposed to Teach! How to Teach Biostatistics to Nonstatisticians
8/5/2013 CC-524c 12:30 PM 196 – Section on Statistics in Sports Speaker with Lunch (Fee Event)
8/5/2013 CC-525a 2:00 PM 236 – HPSS Student Paper Competition
8/5/2013 CC-522bc 2:00 PM 215 – Advanced Methods in Brain Imaging Research
8/5/2013 CC-220bc 2:00 PM 263 – Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Section on Statistics in Sports
8/5/2013 CC-517ab 4:00 PM 267 – ASA President’s Invited Address
8/5/2013 I-Maisonneuve 6:00 PM JSM Student Mixer, Sponsored by Pfizer
8/6/2013 CC-517d 7:00 AM 270 – Section on Statistical Education A.M. Roundtable Discussion (Fee Event)
8/6/2013 CC-512ab 10:30 AM 358 – Teaching Outside the Box, Ever So Slightly
8/6/2013 CC-520c 10:30 AM 327 – Analytics and Data Visualization in Professional Sports
8/6/2013 CC-512h 10:30 AM 360 – Propensity Score and Sensitivity Analysis in Observational Studies
8/6/2013 CC-517d 12:30 PM 387 – Section on Statistical Education P.M. Roundtable Discussion (Fee Event)
8/6/2013 CC-516c 2:00 PM 397 – Causal Inference: Honoring Donald B. Rubin
8/6/2013 CC-524b 2:00 PM 414 – The ‘Third’ Course in Applied Statistics for Undergraduates
8/6/2013 CC-512g 2:00 PM 438 – Incomplete Data, Truncation, and Censoring
8/6/2013 CC-517d 9:30 PM JSM Dance Party and Lounge, Sponsored by IBM
8/7/2013 CC-517d 7:00 AM 453 – Section on Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences A.M. Roundtable Discussion (Fee Event)
8/7/2013 CC-512ab 8:30 AM 456 – Robust Approaches to Handle Model Misspecification in Causal Inference
8/7/2013 CC-520a 8:30 AM 455 – Bayesian Methods for Causal Inference in Complex Settings
8/7/2013 CC-513a 8:30 AM 458 – Microsimulation Models for Health Policy: Advances and Applications
8/7/2013 CC-524a 10:30 AM 515 – New Developments on Combining Information and Meta-Analysis
8/7/2013 CC-512c 10:30 AM 500 – The Affordable Healthcare Act’s Statistical Challenges
8/7/2013 CC-512e 10:30 AM 539 – Methodology for Applications in Sports
8/7/2013 CC-515b 10:30 AM 529 – Incorporating Success Skills Such as Communication and Teamwork Into the Statistics Curriculum
8/7/2013 CC-520e 2:00 PM 609 – Applications of Causal Inference Methods
8/7/2013 CC-515b 2:00 PM 610 – Activities and Projects for Statistics Courses
8/7/2013 CC-510b 2:00 PM 608 – Bayesian Methods in the Social Sciences
8/8/2013 CC-514c 8:30 AM 650 – Methods and Applications in Modeling Infectious Diseases
8/8/2013 CC-516a 8:30 AM 628 – Statistical Methods for the Analysis of High-Dimensional Data from Matched Case Control Studies
8/8/2013 CC-515c 8:30 AM 655 – Statistical Learning Methods for Complex Data
8/8/2013 CC-511e 10:30 AM 668 – Recent Methodological Advances in Social Network Analysis

A few quick notes:

1- My talk is during Monday’s 2:00 session (my start is officially at 3:25). Feel free to come by!

If you do, I will be the last speaker you hear before Nate Silver, who is headlining JSM 2013 later on Monday afternoon. So, in that way, I consider myself the final act before the headlining act, a joke I’ll surely work in during my introduction.

2- Brown University’s biostatistics department is well represented, with three current students (amazingly, that’s 25% of us), two former students, and seven faculty members. That’s the good news. The bad news is that several of us are speaking at the same time and won’t be able to make one another’s talks!  In case of dueling speakers, I’ll flip a coin.

3- Most of my focus is going to be within three sections of JSM, Health Policy & Statistics, Education, and the occasional Section on Statistics in Sports.

4- Are there any other talks I should be sure to go to? Let me know!

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