Sports research

Sports Illustrated/

  • “The case for 3-point wins,”.April 29, 2013, w/ Matt Gagne.
  • “How NFL wins compared to preseason predictions,” January, 2015. (link)

FiveThirtyEight (all w/ Noah Davis)

  • “Shoulder chip theory in the NBA,” November, 2014. (link)
  • “The 10 Tiers of Quarterbacks,”.January, 2015. (link)
  • “To make the playoffs, hockey teams play not to win,” March, 2015 (link)
  • “Hockey refs are out to get you,” April, 2015 (link)
  • “Don’t be fooled by baseball’s small-budget success stories,” July, 2015 (link)
  • “How your favorite baseball team blows its money,” July, 2015 (link), with Allison McCann


  • “Why are statheads struggling so much with their NFL picks,” October, 2013. (link)
  • “Statheads are losing their war with the spread. Here’s why,” November, 2013, w/ G. Matthews (link)
  • “Do tough calls favor the home team? One explanation for Pats-Panthers,” November, 2013. (link)
  • “Why those statistics about the Patriots fumbles are mostly junk,” January, 2015, w/ G. Matthews (link)
  • “Chart: How every team compared to Las Vegas predictions,” April, 2015. (link)

 Team Rankings

  • “The Effect of Travel Distance on NCAA Tournament Play,” March, 2012. (link)
  • “Using Round of 64 Games to Predict Tournament Success,” March, 2012. (link) 

Hockey News

  • NHL in need of a 3-point system,” July, 2013. (link)

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