Requisite posting on Bruins & Boston sports

After tonight’s game 6 disaster, the Bruins join a growing list of recent Boston sports heartbreaking losses: Bruins v Blackhawks, Celtics Heat Game 7 in 2012, Patriots v. Giants, and the Red Sox playoff debacle of September 2011. That said, here’s a list of the playoff record, by round, since 2000, of the core-4 Boston sports teams.

Champions– Patriots 2001, 2003, 2004, Celtics 2008, Red Sox 2004, 2007, Bruins 2011

Finalists– Patriots 2007, 2011, Celtics 2009, Bruins 2013

Semi-finalists– Patriots 2006, 2008, Celtics 2002, 2012, Red Sox 2003, 2008

Conference Semi’s– Patriots 2005, 2010, Celtics 2003, 2009, 2011, Red Sox 2005, 2009, Bruins 2009, 2010

This puts the record of local teams at:

7-4 in title contests or series

11-6 in conference finals

17-9 in conference semi-final rounds.

This list doesn’t include first round drop-outs, of which the Bruins have had a few, but for the most part, its still been overwhelmingly positive. Local fans are owed 8 conference semi losses, 5 more conference finals losses, and 3 more title game losses to get back to an even 0.500.


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