JSM in Boston


Statistics’ biggest conference, the 2014 Joint Statistical Meetings, is coming to Boston August 3rd-8th, and I can’t wait. I had a great time at last year’s conference in Montreal (to read about that one, click here), and once again, the line-up for this year is packed with exciting talks, panels, meals, and even a talent show.

JSM’s online program is really easy to navigate, if you are interested in checking out what’s on tap. Given that my favorite topics in statistics are causal inference, sports, and education, I framed most of the talks on my list around those topics. If you have some other ideas, please suggest them!

Here’s my current list (Note: I have a partial role during the talks in italics). If you enjoy reading this one, feel free to check out my friend Miles’ at his website!

Sunday, August 3rd

2:00 PM  Causal Inference When Covariates Are Measured with Error
2:00 PM  Statistical Thinking in Sports
4:00 PM  After the 2013 Boston Marathon: Predicting Performances in Marathon Races and Other Athletic Events
4:00 PM  Causal Inference and Dynamic Treatment Regimens
4:00 PM  Health Policy Decisionmaking Using Evidence Synthesis

Monday, August 4th

8:30 AM  Building Precursors to Big Data: Teaching Undergraduate Data Science Early and Often
10:30 AM Eye in the Sky: The Player Tracking Revolution in Sports Analytics
2:00 PM  HPSS Student Paper Competition Winners Presentation
5:00 PM HPSS Mixer
6:00 PM JSM Student Mixer, Sponsored by XLSTAT

Tuesday, August 5th

12:00 PM: Brown University Biostatistics luncheon (TBA)

2:00 PM  Biometrics Section Student Paper Award Session 1
2:00 PM  Topic-Contributed Poster Presentations: SPA Competition
8:00 PM ASA 175th Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday, August 6th
7:00 AM  What to do in Stat II?
8:30 AM  Recent Advances in Causal Inference Methods for Health Policy and Services Research
8:30 AM  Statistics on Ice: Advances in Methods for the Analysis of Ice Hockey
10:30 AM Preparing Students for the Future: Teaching Data Science at the Undergraduate Level
12:30 PM Health Policy Statistics Section Speaker with Lunch (Fee Event)
2:00 PM  Analysis of Baseball, Basketball, and Cricket Data
2:00 PM  Interesting Implementations of Network Sampling and Bayesian Regression

Thursday, August 7th
8:30 AM  Social Statistics Section Student Paper Competition
8:30 AM  New Models for Spatial and Demographic Longitudinal Data
8:30 AM  Innovations in Statistics for Big Data from the Next Generation
8:30 AM  Statistical Methods for Questions in Football
10:30 AM New Development in the Propensity Score Methods: Addressing the Pressing Practical Issues


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