How NHL teams manipulate their point system

Canada’s The Hockey News (THN) was interested in some of the results of the hockey study I published (linked here).

In similar fashion to this Sports Illustrated article, the article for THN explores how hockey teams are manipulating the scoring system by playing for ties based on their opponent and the time of year in which the game was played. For THN, I led with an interesting anecdote from a 2010 game between Pittsburgh and Nashville, where the Penguins (for the most part) rested offensive stars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin in the final six minutes before overtime, seemingly playing defensively to ensure they received a point towards season standings.

While most of you probably don’t get THN, feel free to check out the article, linked as a pdf below. As an added bonus, there’s a picture of yours truly (photo credit to my wife).


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